Information, Publications, Media


The Atfalul Ahmadiyya USA Isha’at Department oversees all publications, applications, and social media platforms. 

Secretary Isha'at

Zeeshan Ahmad


Departmental Goals



Al Bashir and Books Publications

  • Publish Quarterly issues of Al Bashir magazine
  • Public 3-4 books on the Prophets of Allah
  • Public 2 books on the Badri Sahaba

Atfal Engagement/Social Media Presence

  • Ensure Atfal are continuously writing articles and stores for Al Bashir
  • 1 Tweet per day. Upload all public events and Taleem/Tarbiyyat related content on Youtube
  • Every majlis Ensure each Tifl and his parents are included in Atfal Digest distribution list

Atfal Digest

Atfal Digest is the official monthly e-newsletter of Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya, USA with a primary goal of sharing national, regional and local initiatives. It will also empower parents to not only track the progress of their child, but also be able to ask any question, get accurate information or simply be aware of upcoming events. Atfal Digest will be sent to your inbox at least once a month and will bring exciting news around Atfal across the country.


Semi Annual Magazine for Atfal